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Hi! My name is Zhijiang Guo (郭志江). I am a Postdoc at the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge, working with Prof. Andreas Vlachos. I am also a member of the Trinity College.

Before that, I was in ILCC at the University of Edinburgh, working with Prof. Shay Cohen, Prof. Giorgio Satta, Prof. Frank Drewes and Prof. Johanna Björklund on AMR Parsing. I earned my PhD in Computer Science from SUTD, under the supervision of Prof. Wei Lu. I also learn a lot from Dr. Zhiyang Teng.

I am most interested in structures (tree, graph, etc.) from text. How to predict the structures and apply them to different NLP tasks. Currently, I am working on automated fact-checking.

Feel free to contact me if your research lies within these or related areas!

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